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      發表日期:2019-12-04  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載





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      Warmly Congratulate Our Company on Passing the Big Data Enterprise Recognition in 2019

      Publish Date: 2019-12-04 Author: Chengong Technology Department

      In 2019, the company actively cooperates with the competent leader and submits the declaration material in accordance with the Management Measures for the <Recognition and Management of the Big Data Enterprises in Hefei>, issued by the Hefei Data Resources Bureau, carrying out the big data enterprise recognition work.

      As a software enterprise, our company has always carried out software R & D and service of petroleum engineering software, mainly engaged in the fields of large data storage, large data collection and management, big data analysis and mining, large data presentation and application. Through independent R & D, continuous innovation, and technology accumulation to form the core independent intellectual property of the enterprise, the company big data products and service income in 2018 is over 2 million yuan. The main products include the Chengong production data analysis software, Chengong oil & gas well node analysis software, Chengong well testing analysis system and Chengong numerical well testing software and so on. The software is good in field application, and can provide service for oilfield data analysis well.

      The company based on solid technical basis and good performance, through the enterprise self-evaluation, declaration, evaluation of experts of City Data and Resource Bureau, our company identified as a big data enterprise finally, and the "Big Data Certificate" is obtained.

      Our company will make use of its technical advantages in the future, create more value in the field of big data, provide the special resources for Hefei in the field of petroleum, and make more contribution to the hometown and the country.