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      發表日期:2015-05-15  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載

      值此五一勞動節到來之際,辰工科技再傳佳訊!我公司承擔的科技型中小企業創新基金項目“低滲透高含水油氣藏生產動態計算平臺”,順利通過省科技廳組織的專家驗收。該項目基于達西定律的滲流力學,解決了石油與天然氣工程、水利工程建設、地下水的利用、城市地面沉降、海水入浸、煤層氣開采、微機械和微電子器件、動植物體流動及燃料電池等一大批與國計民生有重大關系的問題。于此同時,石油等重大應用領域的需求,也極大地推動了滲流力學的發展,隨著對高含水、稠油和低滲透油藏的開采,當前在高含水、稠油和低滲透油藏領域前沿的熱點問題及發展趨勢主要為:① 低滲透油藏的實驗研究;② 復雜物理化學滲流;③ 細觀滲流研究;④ 數值計算。









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      Warm Congratulations to Our Innovation Fund Project of Company Pass the Expert Acceptance Check

      Publish Date: 2015-05-15  Author: Chengong Technology Department

      When Labour Day on May 1 arrived, Chengong Science and Technology get the good news again! The innovation fund project of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises took by our company: "Low Permeability and High Water Cut Reservoir Production Dynamic Calculation Platform", successfully passed the expert acceptance check organized by the provincial science and technology department. Based on the seepage mechanics of Darcy law, the project solves a large number of problems related to the national economy and people livelihood, such as oil and natural gas engineering, water conservancy project construction, groundwater utilization, urban land subsidence, seawater immersion, coalbed methane exploitation, micromachinery and microelectronic devices, animal and plant flow and fuel cell. At the same time, the demand of petroleum and other major application fields has also greatly promoted the development of seepage mechanics. With the exploitation of high water cut, heavy oil and low permeability reservoirs, the current hot issues and development trends in the field of high water cut, heavy oil and low permeability reservoirs are as follows: (1)Experimental study of low permeability reservoir; (2)Complex physical and chemical seepage; (3)Meso-seepage research; (4)Numerical calculation.

      This project researches by our company independently, set up the corresponding project department, according to the project manager responsibility system to implement. The main innovations of the project are as follows:

      Establishment of seepage equation for low permeability and high water cut oil gas reservoirs.

      Solving the seepage equation of low permeability and high water cut oil gas reservoirs.

      Unstructured grid division.

      Fast and efficient scientific calculation visualization technology of massive data in dynamic calculation of low permeability and high water cut.

      The general component library of low permeability and high water cut dynamic calculation based on object-oriented technology and component reuse technology.

      Open and extensible application framework of low permeability and high water cut dynamic calculation.

      The successful acceptance check of the project marks the affirmation of our company achievements by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and encourages the company determination to innovate and strive to reach a new high level. In the future, our company will continue to work hard to achieve a higher level of scientific research results!